About the NJFR Calculator

How to use the calculator

The calculator is used similar to a hand held calculator, using the cursor and single left-click with computer mouse to “press” the appropriate buttons. The calculator can be used as a regular 10-key calculator for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. But the primary strength of this calculator is the set of specialized, color-coded buttons that are designed to make it easy to do five basic personal finance related calculations:

  • Yellow buttons are used to calculate the future value of a single (lump sum) amount.
  • Blue buttons are used specifically to provide an answer to the question: “I have $x available to finance retirement, how much can I afford to spend without running out of money?”
  • Green buttons allow the user to do two calculations: The future value of a multiple year investment, or the amount that would need to be invested (the “replacement $”) to produce / generate / replace an annual amount for 2 or more years)
  • Red buttons are used to calculate the current, or prior amount of a single / lump sum amount to be received 1 or more years in the future.

People and professions that would have use for the calculator:

This calculator can be a useful tool for (but not necessarily limited to)
  • individuals who want greater control of their financial well-being
  • financial professionals ,
  • legal professionals specializing in wills, trusts, estate planning, divorce, dependency cases,
  • mortgage brokers,
  • insurance professionals
  • Real estate agents
  • Sales professionals whose products can save their customer money compared to comparable product or service
  • Business brokers
  • Accountants and tax advisors